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Welcome to my simblr(ノ゚▽゚)ノ
I will post lots of random photos
for my many many sims(≧∇≦)/
make many poses/animations for download!!
I love making them(⌒▽⌒)

Enjoy (◡‿◡✿)

kaejo said: Hello beautiful! I love your poses, but my pose player does not allow me to use the pose list. :( Could you please send me the codes for your remake of your funeral poses and the to sister packs? Love them so much. Thank you! <3

Hello sweetheart~


aww thank you so much T_T this means a lot to me <3 thank you so much <3


what…why? :/


Someone before told me that too! that poseplayer don’t show some of my poses….I don’t understand why T_T


I’m so sorry my dear T_T

Here you go the poses codes for funeral in here in the description there is the codes^^

about the sisters :( I tried to search for the codes and I lost them T_T I can’t get them T_T I’m truly sorry my dear T____T

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This is adorable

thank you

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omg!! so sweet~~~~!!!!

the coffee shop with the 3D cups and all are awesome I love it a lot!! thank you a lot <3

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wow o,o


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thank you~~

익명 회원 said: Hi! We can follow together?


you mean we follow each other?

Yeah sure give me your username^^

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Cute pose <3

thank you <3333

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LOL bad facepaint at the festival in Seasons. xD

it looks funny too XD