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Welcome to my simblr(ノ゚▽゚)ノ
I will post lots of random photos
for my many many sims(≧∇≦)/
make many poses/animations for download!!
I love making them(⌒▽⌒)

Enjoy (◡‿◡✿)


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THIS ;_;

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Mine too but they also use their outwear.

i can accept the swimming clothes…but outwear O_O

they are crazy for real XD

thesimcarpet said: well in the sim carpet i give you a topic every week and at the end of the mouth i give a bonus challenge to the top models well depending on the topic is how your going to redecorate your sim that you have submitted i wasn't really clear on everything so you should check out my blog for more info :)

wow I loved the idea~ It’s cute and amazing *_*

It makes the game more fun and interesting every week! it’s good chance to meet more simblrs sims *_*and I like the idea that you pick up the topic! It’s pretty cool and fun too~~~~

especially for someone like me who run out of ideas XD

Love it 100% Love it.. keep up with the amazing work and the great idea please~~ i fully support this amazing idea~~

as I told you before I’m extremely flattered that you asked me to be part of it! You have no idea how your msg made me supper happy~

you are amazing and sweet T_T

and I will love to be part of this amazing idea~~ but… in real life I just went into new chapter of my life and my life is a big mess right now..I still don’t know what to do with it or expect from it… and if I join this projects I want to be part of it like 100%!! and right now…at this time I can not do it!! not even 50% :(

I really wish you can understand…and after time when my life become less messy I might join~ I’ll for sure join, I just need lots of time T_T

but please don’t stop! your idea is amazing and creative and makes the sims simblr much more fun…so please keep on the great, amazing and awesome job *_*


*again thank you so much for telling me about it I really appreciate it* T_T

edit: whoever is reading this post… YOU should join! it’s fun go and join XD